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InvoiceASAP now accepts payments via Square on Apple Devices!

We’re super pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with our friends (and neighbors) at Square to make it even easier for you to take invoice payments.

You’re now able to…

  • Take swipe payments on your iOS mobile device (using their free Square Reader)
  • Display Square as a payment option on invoices for web payments

**Note:** Square as a payment option is only currently available within our iOS app.

How to get set up – 4 easy steps

1. **Login to the InvoiceASAP Manage Account website**(www.invoiceasap.com > Login)

 2. Select ‘My Payment Methods’

 3. Create a Square Account OR Connect an existing Square Account

  • Select Square from the drop down.

  • If you don’t already have a Square account, click ‘Sign up for Square’.

  • If you do have a Square account, hit ‘Save’ and you’ll be directed to a Square login page. Login to Square and follow the setup instructions on screen.

 4. Install the latest InvoiceASAP iOS app

Download the latest version of InvoiceASAP - available on the Apple App store. Unfortunately Square isn’t currently available on Android.

**Once set up, Square will display as a payment option to customers when you send them invoices and take payments on your mobile.**

For more detailed setup instructions, check out our forum article on How to Accept Payments with Square.

Need help?

Just send us a Support Request and someone from our Customer Success Team will get back to you ASAP.