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Here Are 5 Reasons Why InvoiceASAP is Your Greatest Secret Weapon for Improving Customer Experience

Think InvoiceASAP is only good for sending invoices on the go? Think again.

InvoiceASAP is one of the most popular mobile invoicing tools out there. It has a simple interface, syncs well with different accounting software and works across multiple devices.

But scratch beneath the surface and you unlock so much more. The platform can double up as your biggest customer service ally, helping you to inject greatness into your interactions with clients.

So if you’re not already getting the most out of it, here are five ways you can truly delight your customers with the power of InvoiceASAP…

 1. Use customer notes to deliver a more tailored experience

Isn’t it nice when someone provides you with a service and it really feels like they know you? Like when your Cleaner remembers how you like your fresh laundry folded, or when your Landscaper brings along doggy treats to mellow your 80lb German Shepherd pup in the backyard.

That warm fuzzy feeling – it’s great, and it’s what keeps customers coming back. What’s even greater is that with a little help from InvoiceASAP, it’s super easy to provide this kind of service to your customers.

The Customer Notes feature on InvoiceASAP allows you to add private notes about your customers to share internally. Get familiar with it. If used right, it can really help to supercharge your customer interactions.

Whether you use InvoiceASAP as a team or you’re just a one-man-band, this feature will allow you to store notes so that you can provide a more tailored service to each of your customers.

Here’s how to add customer notes on a mobile device:

customer notes invoice

Check out our forum post on adding customer notes for more info.

2. Download customer data and send customers updates and exclusive deals

Did you know that you can download data from InvoiceASAP? Well you can, and what’s more you can do a ton of amazing things with this data to improve customer experience.

If you have a company update or special offer you want to share with customers, you can easily pull contact data from InvoiceASAP to get in touch with your customers en masse.

When you download data from InvoiceASAP it gets stored as a .csv file on your computer which you can then upload into an Excel spreadsheet. If you’re a bit of an Excel whizz you could even filter your customers by city or state or by the products or services they’ve purchased then send them targeted email or mail.

MailChimp is an awesome email marketing tool that can help you to really skyrocket your email interactions with customers. Easily build professional emails using their simple drag and drop templates and wow your customers with your marketing know-how.

If you do decide to send promotional email to your customers, there are laws around what is and isn’t acceptable. MailChimp have a plethora of information on this – check out their guide on international email marketing requirements to get in the know and make sure you’re compliant before you hit send.

Quick guide to downloading data:

  1. Head to the Manage Account website (www.invoiceasap.com) and login
  2. Click on Reports
  3. Select the report category (i.e. Invoice Reports) and then the specific report you would like to view
  4. Here you’ll see a list of all the data in that report. Use the calendar to search for data within a specifc timeframe
  5. Click Export

3. Attach before and after photos to your invoices and estimates

If you fix, build, clean, create, paint or do anything that visually transforms anything – start adding photo attachments to your invoices and estimates.

It’s a great tool for showing proof of work and for demonstrating your incredible handiwork, giving customers another reason to keep coming back.

One InvoiceASAP user we recently spoke with told us why he loved this feature. Working in the maintenance industry he was required to send out proof of work to clients after a job was completed as they were often not able to sign-off the work in person. He’d send out an estimate with an image of what he was working on before the fix, then after the job he’d attach an image to the invoice. Not only did it demonstrate his great work to clients, it was also super easy to do.

Check out our blog post on adding proof of work photos to invoices, to learn how.

4. Offer more ways to pay

Make it easy for customers to do business with you and they’ll be more likely to come back.

We’ve all been there before – you’re midway through an order at the local coffee shop to find they only accept cash and you are penniless aside from your bank card. What do you do? Go off in search of the nearest ATM? Maybe. Cancel your order and walk away? Probably.

The same thinking can apply to any one of your customers at the point you make a sale. By limiting your payment options, you limit your customers.

With InvoiceASAP it’s really easy to add new payment methods to your account. The payment services that we connect to include Square, PayPal, Authorize.net and WePay.

By broadening your payment options, your client will not only be happier, you’re also more likely to get paid faster. After all, the hard part is getting customers. Accepting their money should be the easy part.

Quick guide to adding a new payment method:

  1. Head to the Manage Account website (www.invoiceasap.com) and login
  2. Click on My Payment Methods
  3. Select the payment service you wish to connect your InvoiceASAP account to. If you want to add Square or PayPal, you will need to create an account with these services before you can connect.
  4. Click Save then follow the setup instructions.

To add Square, PayPal or Authorize.net you will first need to be on a Base, Plus or Biz plan. If you’re not already, you can upgrade here.

5. Use audio notes for a more personal touch

A little personal touch can go a long way. That’s why we decided to introduce audio notes for invoices. With this feature you can record a short voice memo and attach it to a client’s invoice or estimate.

Maybe you have further comments to share on the work carried out, or you just want to add a friendly greeting. Whatever you do, see it as an extension of your great customer service and make your customers smile.

Learn how to add voice memos to your invoices.

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So now you have the knowledge, what are you waiting for? Get delighting those customers!

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