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Creating Customer Appreciation Through Holiday Cards

A holiday card can be a great way to show your customers how much you value them. It’s more than just a formality, especially when crafted in a way that seems personal and dedicated. It can be an expression of gratitude and value. In the realm of conducting business and creating lasting relationships with customers, gratitude and personal connections are sometimes undervalued.

This creates the need for customer appreciation that transcends the simple ‘thank you’ at the end of a receipt. In such an environment, you need to make each customer feel valued and remembered, no matter the size and scale of your company. And by far the best way to do so is remembering the customer on auspicious days, when everyone appreciates being remembered.

If you own or work at a business and are thinking about sending out holiday cards this year, here are three great ways you can send holiday cards this year.

1. Email Holiday Cards

There are many online companies that you can use to send out holiday cards. Paperless Post is our personal favorite website. Paperless Post has a gorgeous selection of holiday cards. You can customize your card with specialized fonts, suggested greetings, and upload corporate logos or staff photos.

Paperless Post

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Paperless Post

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2. Mail Your Holiday Cards

Mailing out holiday cards is a great way to add a personal touch to your holiday cards. For a company that wants to mail cards to their customers, the best route to take is adding personalization; where each card and envelope is personalized with a unique message and accompanied with the name of the customer. Customizing your mailing address is a great way to stand out. Check out some of the designs on Fallfordesign.


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3. Mail Handwritten Cards

Handwritten cards are the most effective way of showing your customers your appreciation and value for them. Although the crème de la crème of personalized cards, they are also the most time consuming of the three options. However, we have found a cost effective and time saving way to send out these cards. Paperloveme will create handwritten personalized cards for you.


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These are few easy ways to show your customers that you care. Send them a holiday card today!

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